Royse City Pro Baseball Team Announces Finalists for Team Name

6 Finalists Named

Royse City, TX – The Southwest League of Professional Baseball has announced that six (6) finalists for the Name the Team contest have emerged.

In September, team officials began the process of asking fans to submit suggestions for the team name. According to team personnel, the team received over 700 submissions since September 12th. Those submissions have been narrowed down to six candidates for the team moniker. Below are the choices, along with descriptions:

  1. Rattlers

Shortened for “Rattlesnake”, the east Dallas area is inhabited with many types of rattlesnakes. The state of Texas is home to eight types of the rattlesnake species. These include the Western Diamondback Rattlesnake, Timber Rattlesnake, Prairie Rattlesnake, Mojave Rattlesnake, Black Tail Rattlesnake, Western Rattlesnake and Pygmy Rattlesnake. The first three of this group primarily attack people. This well-known, slithering creature strikes fear in the hearts of those visiting the area, and protects its home (field) with a venomous intensity.


  1. Griffins

Garrett Burgess “Griffin” Royse was the founder of Royse City, Texas.  Royse City was settled in 1885, when the railway came through the area.  A slight adaptation from “Griffin” is the mythical creature called a “Griffon” has the head and wings of an eagle and the body of a lion – typically depicted with pointed ears and with the eagle’s legs taking the place of the animal’s forelegs This character can handle large targets of prey with its king-of-the-jungle strength, and fly them off to its home with its large, wide-spreading wings.


  1. Wranglers

A Wrangler is a person in charge of horses or other livestock on a ranch. Royce City has a history of horse ranches and history of cowboys dating all the way back to 1377 – when the first documented use of the term “wrangling” was used as a way of describing “to wrestle”. Wranglers often take-on a “Maverick”, wild-haired persona – as they herd charges of horses and other animals with grit and tactical talents. This character can take care of business in the Wild West, and ride-off into the sunset.


  1. Buntings

The Painted Bunting returns to this area every Spring migrating from South America. It’s one of the most beautiful birds in America as well as one of the most sought-after for serious birders. These unique feathered-flyers are only seen in Texas and Florida in the U.S. It’s local and has great color and appeal. They are a combination of blue green and orange. Birds are often used as baseball mascots, but the Bunting is the only one that we know of that shares its name with a baseball term – as in the well-known red, white and blue fan-like ballpark decorations that signify a special game or event.


  1. RedCaps

A Redcap is a railroad porter. Royse City was instrumental in getting the Missouri, Kansas and Texas Railway line brought from Greenville to Dallas through Rockwall County. Royse City was settled in 1885, when the railway came through the area. The moniker is specifically derived from the bright red pill-box hat the porters would wear when “on the clock” at the train depot. A sharp, glossy black brim complimented the red crown – which had a metallic band wrapped around for a shiny, visual accent. These buttoned-up railroad employees are helpful and knowledgeable.


  1. Railheads

A point on a railroad from which roads and other transportation routes begin; the furthest point reached in constructing a railroad. The Railhead term is derived from the “head” or “end” of a railroad that has been completed or is being built, and also represents forward-progress and unlimited potential. This particular nickname option can also be the rapid fan following of the ball club – lead by a fun-loving railway character.


“We’re thrilled to have the community so engaged in the process of choosing the name”, stated Mark Schuster, SWL President. “It’s consistent with the tremendous public response we’ve received since announcing that Royse City will have a team in the league.”

The new Royse City team will play in a new $11M stadium located on Interstate 30 westbound just west of FM 2642. The stadium will feature seating for 4,000 for baseball and will be part of a larger retail development on the 107-acre tract.

The Southwest League ( will play a 112 game schedule with 56 home games and 56 games on the road starting in 2018.  Fans are welcome to vote for their selection from the final name choices.  Please use the form just below on this page.  Team officials will unveil the winning name in March, 2017.

Timeline to submit your entry for team name is now closed.


Contact: Mark Schuster

Tel: 843 367-3832